EDI Marketing

EDI Marketing

EDI Marketing gives you the flexibility to deliver tailored and highly effective marketing campaigns.

Create dynamic templates that interface with your CRM applications or databases to pull information and give your client a truly personal feel though target marketing.

Customised e-newsletters and marketing material can be added to bills, payslips and other secure documents.

Although email is the predominant method of communication, EDI Marketing offers delivery via fax, web, SMS and various other mobile platforms or electronic medium.


  • Customise and add marketing collateral to secure documents
  • Select any electronic delivery medium from email to SMS to fax
  • Tie electronic marketing campaigns into existing CRM
  • Immediate delivery
  • The ability to track click throughs


  • Standardise corporate identity through templates
  • Tailor your campaigns to suit individual profiles
  • Take advantage of a ‘captive audience’ by adding marketing collateral to secure documents
  • Significant cost savings compared to paper-based marketing
  • Effectively monitor marketing campaigns and report on customer behaviour