EDI Billing

EDI Billing

EDI Billing offers your organisation a secure, compliant and legal replacement for conventional printing and posting of your invoices and statements at a fraction of the cost.

In addition to the huge cost saving your documents will be delivered in hours, rather than days or weeks. No need to rely on the post office’s word, delivery reports will confirm the delivery of your documents.

EDI complies fully with the regulations laid down by the ECT act and the South African Revenue Service for the electronic delivery of documents.


  • No 3rd party decryption software required
  • Secure archiving and management of documents
  • PDF standard and support for future PDF/A standard
  • Historic data is easily accessible online by clients and end-user
  • 128 bit encryption to meet SARS requirements
  • Ability to put direct payment interface in place


  • Secure and compliant
  • Fast, cost effective and more reliable than paper-based delivery
  • Easy to use so high adoption rates
  • Reduces debtors days
  • Improves customer relations through convenient delivery of secure documents