Return On Investment


Achieve immediate ROI with EDI

Cost savings are immediately evident, in that traditional mail costs between R4.00 to R9.00 per document posted (this includes the envelope, postage and up to 7 pages of invoices/statements), while it costs only R1.00 to send each document with EDI.


Reduce your debtors days

Given that any documentation is delivered within minutes, your company’s cash flow will be drastically improved by simply reducing debtors’ days.

Enviromentally friendly

By virtually eliminating your document delivery paper trail, EDI helps you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while simultaneously cutting document delivery costs. Simply put - EDI helps you, help the environment.

Transpromo Marketing

EDI handles information intelligently, opening up exciting possibilities for communicating directly with your clients, allowing you to insert specific targeted information into your documents. This is also a great way to generate income from marketing in your electronic documents.