Document Security


Since the explosion of the Internet, more and more organisations are moving business processes online. However, with the growth of the Internet, so too has government legislation relating to document security grown. This legislation, known as compliance, is viewed by many organisations as a burden that can be a threat to profitability. It takes up a lot of time, time which could be better spent on other, more profitable work.

Complying with Compliance

Businesses have no choice but to comply with the regulations imposed. Protecting confidentiality of documents and the privacy of information is absolutely essential, not just to protect clients, but also to protect your own organisation from facing heavy fines, information leaks and a damaged reputation.

Electronic documents now contain mission critical and sensitive information, so you need to make sure these documents are properly protected, and that they meet the regulatory requirements set out by the government, including those relating to consumer privacy and internal revenue service compliance.

With EDI Compliance is Easy

While compliance is a taxing exercise, EDI makes compliant electronic document delivery easy. All documents delivered by EDI comply 100% with all regulatory legislation, by incorporating security parameters that are an integral part of the document and therefore follow the document throughout its lifecycle.

EDI Ensures

  • Confidentiality – limited access to the document
  • Authorisation – restricted permissions to work with the document
  • Accountability – track what has been altered on the document and by whom
  • Integrity – find out whether the document has been altered
  • Authenticity – track the origin of the document
  • Non-repudiation – signatory cannot deny signing the secure document

Digital Certification

EDI can encrypt and password protect sensitive documents using embedded functions, so end users do not need to install any third party decryption tools or software and documents will not be stopped by firewalls and virus scanners. EDI also supports Digital Certificates up to 256bit encryption.

Compliance the EDI way

Electronic document delivery is easy and convenient with EDI. EDI offers a comprehensive set of desktop and server based solutions that provide easy-to-use security capabilities that meet the strictest compliance regulations related to electronic information sharing and the best part of implementing a system like EDI that supports compliance is that the same processes necessary for compliance actually streamline document delivery, reducing paper-based business processes, reducing costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and directly affecting your bottom line – in a positive way.